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The Surplus Project

How many of you have excess in your lives? I know I do.  In my former life as a clothes collector, I amassed quite a wardrobe. My clothes are nice. They are adorable. I baby them and keep them in great condition (some among you may have even witnessed actual tears at items that went through the dryer by accident).  I also gain weight. And my tastes change. I get tired of things but have a hard time parting with them sometimes because I feel like “I spent good money on it” or “I might lose weight” or “I might love it again some day” when the fact of the matter is, that stuff goes in space-saving bags in the basement only to be touched again in a year or so, and I didn’t shrink, I still don’t like it, and the money I spent on it isn’t doing me any good.  Yet, I keep it.  A lot of people probably do the same thing for the same reasons. I have girl friends. I know how we operate.

My partner Daniel is super good at purging items, but I get anxiety from it.   For a lot of years, when I felt alone as a person, I got a sense of comfort and even self-worth from items like clothes and shoes.  Someone once said to me “I’ve known you for 4 years and I’ve never seen you wear the same outfit.” That was a proud moment for me! Not to say I didn’t wear the same items, but I had so many that I could mix and remix them while adding new pieces to the mix constantly.  I have learned, however, that it is better to choose quality over quantity, and I have started mixing and remixing items that I truly love, and now the large quantity of clothes and shoes feel more like a burden than anything else.  I think it would be safe to estimate that I wear less than 30% of the clothes and shoes that I own.  What to do with them? Obviously donating is a good idea, but, to where? There are so many options.

Enter The Surplus Project.  An idea born from wanting to get rid of excess but not being sure where it could be best utilized.  You can read more about it on their site, but I felt like I needed to add my two cents about why I think it’s a great idea and why I am excited to participate. 

Thank you Alison and Tiffany for coming up with this idea.  Count me in!

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What’s going on here? March 19-25


March 19


Theater: Xanadu | Hale Center Theater, Orem



March 20


Pets: First Aid for Pets Seminar | SLCo Animal Services, Salt Lake City | 6pm-7pm



March 21


Fun: Big Shiny Geek Show Pub Quiz | Lucky 13, Salt Lake City |8:30pm-10:30pm



March 22


Shopping: City Creek Center Grand Opening | Salt Lake City

Music: Revolver (Beatles Tribute Band) | Downstairs, Park City | 8pm (21+)



March 23


Shopping: Unhinged Platform Launch Party | Unhinged, Salt Lake City

Music: Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros | Kingsbury Hall, Salt Lake City

Home: Utah Valley Home and Garden Expo | UVU’s UCCU Center, Orem | 11am-8pm



March 24


Home: Utah Valley Home and Garden Expo | UVU’s UCCU Center | 11am-8pm

Culture: Holi Festival of Colors | Krishna Temple, Spanish Fork | 10am-8pm



March 25


Culture: Holi Festival of Colors | Krishna Temple, Spanish Fork | 10am-8pm


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Kaiser’s BBQ and General Store

You know exactly the place I’m talking about. You’ve probably never been. Go.

This little gem is a red building on 300 West in Salt Lake City (at 972 South).  I’ve driven past it about a million times and always wondered about it. I can’t possibly be alone in that.  Well, I finally found out what exactly is going on inside, and it’s wonderful.  I’m not a barbecue expert, but I like food, and everything I ate for lunch was really good.  I tried the brisket, ribs, chicken wings, and two kinds of house-made sausage.  They were all delightful, along with the beans, and both types of cornbread (regular and molasses).

What I was most enthralled with was the “General Store” part.  They have all kinds of things. Uncategorizable things. Some art, some sculpture, some leather craft, some… things. It was a feast for my kitsch loving eyes as well as my stomach!

The front corner of the shop.

Metal butterfly wall sculpture.

A back corner of the shop.

This little guy lives underneath the beverage table.

A lucky pig!

A life sized resin owl keeps watch over the back dining area.


Two walls are adorned with plates autographed by customers.

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