Being a Girl

My phone rang, and it was my daughter’s school. This is usually not a happy call. “I’m out of lunch money and I forgot to tell you” is my favorite reason for the call, because at least she’s not hurt or sick.

Today I listened to her plight and responded with “I’m really sorry, but that’s just part of being a girl.” and told her that I was sorry she was having this issue, but that she would just have to tough it out and survive the day. I did offer to see if Daniel might be available to bring her some items to help.

And this problem, this problem that is devastating enough to call from school but that I am quick to dismiss? We’ve all experienced it. We’ve all survived. We’ve all learned that it is just part of being a girl.

“Um, Mom? My shoes hurt my feet really bad and I can’t stand to wear them any longer.”

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