Adorable Adoptables

I want to share a few local adoptable pets… Not necessarily to get you all to be like “Oh, I’m going to go adopt that dog right now” even though it would be completely awesome if you did, but more because  some of the photos are so fantastic, you just need to look at them and smile.

Atlas is available through Salt Lake County Animal Services.  I have met him, and he wants to be somebody’s teddy bear. He just wants to be loved and snuggled. And, um, probably give lots of kisses. Look at that face!

Luna is another that I have met, also available through Salt Lake County Animal Services.   She thinks she is people and stands on her back legs with her front paws on the kennel door and just watches.  She didn’t jump or bark, just stood there, hanging out.

Bonita is a special girl with a rough story.  She was brought to the shelter as a stray, fostered, adopted, and brought back to the shelter when her family’s living situation changed.  Her story is on her pictures, and isn’t she so cute in her outfit? She LOVES playing dress up!

Curley is a senior, and black.  These two attributes statistically work against him when it comes to being adopted, but he has such a distinguished little face! He is available through CAWS Community Animal Welfare Society, and you can read all about him by clicking here.

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