Heaven on a Side Street in Pocatello

While in Pocatello, Idaho, I happened upon a magical place.  It is located on East Second Avenue, and boasts a pretty hefty claim on the window… “One of Idaho’s Most Interesting Stores.”

The variety of things in the windows had me intrigued.  I was in a hurry, but I coulldn’t help myself.  Eating gas station snacks in the car for lunch would hopefully be worth the trade off.  I went inside, and I was awe struck.  I immediately turned to go find the owner and ask her if it was alright for me to take some photos for my blog.  She said it would be fine, and off I went.

Pitcher and Glasses

This television amazed me. If it is still there on my next visit, it will come home with me.

This pair of light fixtures really wanted to come to our house, but they were left behind because I didn't have anywhere to use them. $35 for the pair!

I loved all of the colorful things on this table.

This table and chairs have such great lines and were in near-perfect condition.

The shop has two levels, and it would be very easy to get lost inside of it for days.  On the first level, you sort of step down from the main area on 2nd Avenue and into what seems to be formerly a next door space.  This room is where I found this intact lunch counter strewn with all sorts of magic.

Look at the pink "Marble" formica top, and the fantastic tilework!

I love the shape of this chair... I sat it in it and pretty much felt the springs inside collapse to the floor!

I can’t wait to go back to this place.  Next time I will make sure that I have time and cash… And if the universe loves me, those light fixtures and the television will be there waiting for me.

There is no doubt it lives up to this claim. I am in love.

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