Kaiser’s BBQ and General Store

You know exactly the place I’m talking about. You’ve probably never been. Go.

This little gem is a red building on 300 West in Salt Lake City (at 972 South).  I’ve driven past it about a million times and always wondered about it. I can’t possibly be alone in that.  Well, I finally found out what exactly is going on inside, and it’s wonderful.  I’m not a barbecue expert, but I like food, and everything I ate for lunch was really good.  I tried the brisket, ribs, chicken wings, and two kinds of house-made sausage.  They were all delightful, along with the beans, and both types of cornbread (regular and molasses).

What I was most enthralled with was the “General Store” part.  They have all kinds of things. Uncategorizable things. Some art, some sculpture, some leather craft, some… things. It was a feast for my kitsch loving eyes as well as my stomach!

The front corner of the shop.

Metal butterfly wall sculpture.

A back corner of the shop.

This little guy lives underneath the beverage table.

A lucky pig!

A life sized resin owl keeps watch over the back dining area.


Two walls are adorned with plates autographed by customers.

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