Dear Favorite Old Lady

I’ve never met you, but I know a lot about you. We probably would have been friends.

You liked shoes. You had hundreds of pairs of shoes.

You loved holiday decorations. You must have had rooms and rooms full of them, for every holiday imaginable.

You were  fancy. Like glittery blouses and gold lame’ Mary Jane shoes fancy.

You had a lot of clothes. A lot of them you owned for 40 years and never took the tags off of.

You were my same size.

You liked square dancing and had all sorts of different dresses for it.

You are recently deceased and your family is selling her treasures in a front yard on a busy street.

So, Favorite Old Lady, here’s to you. Here’s to hoping you had a full and happy life, and that your friends and family are missing you tonight. I know about your zest for life and I wish I had gotten to witness it. Also I wish I had gotten to see you in your gold Mary Janes.

Don’t worry about your red dress with the blue flowers… You never wore it, but kudos for getting it on sale! You got it at the Wagon Wheel for about $10 off the original price of $55. I win though, because I got it for a buck. It fits me perfectly and I’m currently plotting a fancy night out as an excuse to have an occasion to wear it. I promise to take good care of it, it is going to the cleaners tomorrow, and I was so excited about it that I tried it on in my basement late at night and made Daniel take a picture of me with no make-up on which I am happily posting on the internet.



PS: I also have a couple of your skirts from Pick-n-Save, and your really pretty full length fuschia dress from the 70s, but those are being saved for another post.

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One thought on “Dear Favorite Old Lady

  1. I love this post! My sweet mom past away last year and I’ll just pretend you wrote it for her. She was a square dancer for a lot of years. I would love to think someone was loving her clothes right now.

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