Adoptable Pets in Utah

Tooele Shelter: Kiki is ten years old but has lots of energy! As a senior, she is having a hard time finding a home to give and get love for the rest of her days. Shelter staff identifies her as a Malamute mix.


This little lady doesn’t have a name! Maybe someone can give her one. She’s a pit bull mix, 8 months old, and available at the Brigham City animal shelter. They cannot hold dogs for very long.


Sadie is an American Bulldog/ Lab mix, and about 7 years old. How can you resist that smile? She’s at Salt lake County Animal Services.


Bear is a brown and white lab mix. He is about 3 years old and available at Salt Lake County Animal Services.

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Wallpaper? Really? (Yes)

Okay, so wallpaper. I will admit that more than one of my homes has come with original vintage wallpaper that was, for me, a selling point.  I will also admit that removing early 90’s dusty rose and powder blue floral print wallpaper complete with coordinating borders wasn’t something awesome in my life. The key to wallpaper is that it has to be amazing and timeless. I fully understand that these are subjective terms, and that not everyone will agree that a wallpaper mural of an autumn forest scene or textured fabric are amazing or timeless, I feel like we can all agree that those little geese with scarves around their necks were neither. And don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about. Unless you really don’t. In which case… Click here to find delight and enjoyment.

By “Timeless” I mean… Do you know about this wallpaper? Is it from the 60s or today? Or somewhere in between? Or is it just plain cute? (It’s modern, and it’s cute.)

“Dotty” Wallpaper in Yellow, from Ferm Living

This one is an example of a print that could be old, but in a color scheme that is definitely new, but won’t ever look dated, it will just always look like really fun wallpaper.  The mixture of neutrals and brights is what makes it modern and fresh.  If it was going tor a vintage vibe it would be brights on brights (on brights) and scream all kinds of flower power references.

 The pattern below keeps kind of the same idea going.  The fact that the gold and burgundy are contrasted so well by the cool tone of the background and the pure clean white silhouettes keeps this wallpaper from feeling dated.  As a side note, I really just love this room in general.  The wall covering is a custom fabric by CDL Workshop.
I love this next one an extra super lot because it uses a super bright green with a pale aqua and the pattern is a little bit sparse but not too sparse for the size of the flowers.  It is a good balance in this room full of otherwise quiet neutrals.  Also, blue door!
 This pattern from Graham & Brown kind of blew my mind.  I had to look at this picture a few times before I could decide if I loved it because it was fantastic, or if it was fantastic because I love the furniture, lighting, and accessories in the space so much.  Both. I love it for both. I love it on its own, imagining it in a grand master bathroom or in a small quaint powder room, or in a dining room, or living room, or entryway. The artistic feel of the pattern and the color scheme are wondrous.
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Card Catalogs

I’m obsessed with tiny things. Tiny drawers shall be no exception. Because what do tiny drawers hold?

Tiny things.

This is a tiny card catalog on top of a metal cabinet next to a chest of large drawers. Tiny tiny!

This card catalog is larger and more rustic feeling. I do love the collection of old painting on top as well!

This one has cleaner lines and we’re back to tiny drawers!
What would you put in your card catalog? I feel like they would be perfect for small sewing and crafting notions.  My brain would go all over the place and want to have rooms and rooms of them with embroidery floss, fabric scraps, and buttons neatly stowed in each of the fantastic little drawers.
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On Diets and Doritos

Me: Want some Doritos? I’m going on a diet tomorrow.

Him: Why?

Me: Because I’m too fat.

Him: What kind of diet?

Me: A kind where I don’t eat those.


Good thing I didn’t wash my hair today.

Today Daniel asked me if I wanted to go with him to get a burrito. I agreed without knowing that it was also going to involve a trip to R.E.I. on the final day of some special coupon sale for their members. We looked at all kinds of hardcore things like water filtration systems, special shoes that apparently outdoorsy people need in order to ride bikes, and little reflective stickers.

I came home with a new laptop sleeve that was on clearance for $14.93, after telling the checker that I didn’t need my own membership because Daniel’s is plenty and I don’t do outside things. I’m pretty excited about my purchase, I’ve been wanting one for a while and this one is pretty perfect, it even coordinated nicely with the DVF bag I’ve been just tossing my computer and everything else into.

At Whole Foods all I got was Castille Soap for making my own laundry detergent, and a gallon of milk.  If I’d been at the Trolley Square Whole Foods, it might have been a different story. I probably would have needed to at least hit up the butcher department.

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Being a Girl

My phone rang, and it was my daughter’s school. This is usually not a happy call. “I’m out of lunch money and I forgot to tell you” is my favorite reason for the call, because at least she’s not hurt or sick.

Today I listened to her plight and responded with “I’m really sorry, but that’s just part of being a girl.” and told her that I was sorry she was having this issue, but that she would just have to tough it out and survive the day. I did offer to see if Daniel might be available to bring her some items to help.

And this problem, this problem that is devastating enough to call from school but that I am quick to dismiss? We’ve all experienced it. We’ve all survived. We’ve all learned that it is just part of being a girl.

“Um, Mom? My shoes hurt my feet really bad and I can’t stand to wear them any longer.”

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The Surplus Project

How many of you have excess in your lives? I know I do.  In my former life as a clothes collector, I amassed quite a wardrobe. My clothes are nice. They are adorable. I baby them and keep them in great condition (some among you may have even witnessed actual tears at items that went through the dryer by accident).  I also gain weight. And my tastes change. I get tired of things but have a hard time parting with them sometimes because I feel like “I spent good money on it” or “I might lose weight” or “I might love it again some day” when the fact of the matter is, that stuff goes in space-saving bags in the basement only to be touched again in a year or so, and I didn’t shrink, I still don’t like it, and the money I spent on it isn’t doing me any good.  Yet, I keep it.  A lot of people probably do the same thing for the same reasons. I have girl friends. I know how we operate.

My partner Daniel is super good at purging items, but I get anxiety from it.   For a lot of years, when I felt alone as a person, I got a sense of comfort and even self-worth from items like clothes and shoes.  Someone once said to me “I’ve known you for 4 years and I’ve never seen you wear the same outfit.” That was a proud moment for me! Not to say I didn’t wear the same items, but I had so many that I could mix and remix them while adding new pieces to the mix constantly.  I have learned, however, that it is better to choose quality over quantity, and I have started mixing and remixing items that I truly love, and now the large quantity of clothes and shoes feel more like a burden than anything else.  I think it would be safe to estimate that I wear less than 30% of the clothes and shoes that I own.  What to do with them? Obviously donating is a good idea, but, to where? There are so many options.

Enter The Surplus Project.  An idea born from wanting to get rid of excess but not being sure where it could be best utilized.  You can read more about it on their site, but I felt like I needed to add my two cents about why I think it’s a great idea and why I am excited to participate. 

Thank you Alison and Tiffany for coming up with this idea.  Count me in!

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Adorable Adoptables

I want to share a few local adoptable pets… Not necessarily to get you all to be like “Oh, I’m going to go adopt that dog right now” even though it would be completely awesome if you did, but more because  some of the photos are so fantastic, you just need to look at them and smile.

Atlas is available through Salt Lake County Animal Services.  I have met him, and he wants to be somebody’s teddy bear. He just wants to be loved and snuggled. And, um, probably give lots of kisses. Look at that face!

Luna is another that I have met, also available through Salt Lake County Animal Services.   She thinks she is people and stands on her back legs with her front paws on the kennel door and just watches.  She didn’t jump or bark, just stood there, hanging out.

Bonita is a special girl with a rough story.  She was brought to the shelter as a stray, fostered, adopted, and brought back to the shelter when her family’s living situation changed.  Her story is on her pictures, and isn’t she so cute in her outfit? She LOVES playing dress up!

Curley is a senior, and black.  These two attributes statistically work against him when it comes to being adopted, but he has such a distinguished little face! He is available through CAWS Community Animal Welfare Society, and you can read all about him by clicking here.

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What’s going on here? March 19-25


March 19


Theater: Xanadu | Hale Center Theater, Orem



March 20


Pets: First Aid for Pets Seminar | SLCo Animal Services, Salt Lake City | 6pm-7pm



March 21


Fun: Big Shiny Geek Show Pub Quiz | Lucky 13, Salt Lake City |8:30pm-10:30pm



March 22


Shopping: City Creek Center Grand Opening | Salt Lake City

Music: Revolver (Beatles Tribute Band) | Downstairs, Park City | 8pm (21+)



March 23


Shopping: Unhinged Platform Launch Party | Unhinged, Salt Lake City

Music: Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros | Kingsbury Hall, Salt Lake City

Home: Utah Valley Home and Garden Expo | UVU’s UCCU Center, Orem | 11am-8pm



March 24


Home: Utah Valley Home and Garden Expo | UVU’s UCCU Center | 11am-8pm

Culture: Holi Festival of Colors | Krishna Temple, Spanish Fork | 10am-8pm



March 25


Culture: Holi Festival of Colors | Krishna Temple, Spanish Fork | 10am-8pm


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Moseying About

Last Saturday, I saw an adorable girl with adorable polka dot pants.  I wanted to ask her more about them but I felt like a weirdo. It turns out that girl was Emily from Ruffling Feathers and it also turns out she polka dotted those fancy pants herself. See her post here.

Are your Toms ratty? I see ratty ones all the time. Did you know you can fix them? Lindsey at KnownCreative shows you how.

Need a snack? Becky at The Vintage Mixer shows you how to make homemade peanut butter cups with Himalayan sea salt. Really. Also she gets bonus points for using the small Blue Butterprint vintage Pyrex Cinderella bowl.


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